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Collection of our exclusive eye shadows includes over 500 colours selected from the riches of nature.

“Velvet” eye shadows

The shadows contain a large number of pure minerals and specially processed fine particles of colour pigments which make the eye shadow extremely long lasting and resistant to rubbing off. Ideal application:  very soft satin texture spreads easily and optically smoothens the lid providing perfect look for a long time.  No heavy lid effect : the eyes look fresh and subtile providing the feeling of comfort. Efficient in use thanks to high quality.

“Reflecting” eye shadows

Eye shadows of  light consistency providing satin finish to make-up. Mineral mica particles reflect the light and brighten the lids to create miraculous make-ups. Depending on circumstances either subtile or intense colours can be generated.
Easy to apply. Do not wear off or deposit in lid folds. Available in a wide range of colours.